Amidst the chaos, her voice whispered through. Then the explosion struck. Force of impact tossing them through the vacuum. They never spoke again. Meaningless years slipped away, yet time failed to dim her ageless ghost: ever radiant with inner light, a manifestation of longing no amount of hard-earned bitterness could extinguish. Something stirred within, a twisted pang stranger than love, more desperate than hunger. He tried to swallow, couldn't think. Drowning the memory only made it louder, echoing endlessly in the emptiness, unquenchable. All he could do was listen, listen in the dark...

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There are many ways in, but few ways out. Her voice, omnipresent; dispersed through infinite process. Eyes open, awake, same as ever - an illusion of stillness imbued with light. Wavering memories of lust glint in the distance, far beyond satellites, persistent yet intangible. Emptiness in search of its total opposite: roaming, aimless, wanderer. Tracing the edge. Darkness veils the exit in mystery. Echoes of the past lead through...

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Memory dissipates. Presence. A unit of solution. Unknowable interiors revealed: a distance words can't reach. Cast into the chasm, beyond the fray, solitude absolved, absorbed in free fall. The dark lattice churns, mocking any illusion of stability: a simple paradox of constant flux. Elusive resolution emerges in the solace of a ghost. We will be here forever. And she is with us all…